Tools for jimmying experience: Conceptual speed dating on Facebook


  • Roger Dawkins Western Sydney University



immanence, rhizome, close reading, Deleuze, Guattari, Massumi, Facebook, pedagogy


This paper extends previous work that develops Deleuze’s concept of immanence in a research and education context. Its focus is a minor practice called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD), noted by Brian Massumi as a technique for disabling the tendency in group dynamics for participants to perform their acquired knowledge, at the expense of “exploratory thinking.” This paper contribute to Deleuze-Guattarian “immanent pedagogies” in that it outlines Facebook’s value as a tool for implementing CSD — actually, a digitally inflected mode of CSD called Close Reading using Facebook (CRF). Facebook contributes speed, strengthening immanence and rhizoanalysis, exploding reading and allowing more opportunities for creativity. In developing this argument about an immanent reading practice using Facebook, this paper draws on teaching events at an Australian university in 2016 and 2017.

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Roger Dawkins, Western Sydney University





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Dawkins, R. (2017). Tools for jimmying experience: Conceptual speed dating on Facebook. First Monday, 22(11).