Assessing the social media landscape: Online relational use-purposes and life satisfaction among Finns

Teo Keipi, Ilkka Koiranen, Aki Koivula, Pekka Räsänen


This study examines the social Internet use-purposes of Finns along with links to perceived life satisfaction. Here, associations between life satisfaction and various online behaviors linked to socialization are explored among the Finnish adult population, sigh data coming from nationally representative surveys focused on adult populations in Finland (N=1,600). Analysis shows that social media use is linked to both higher and lower levels of overall life satisfaction with differences between platforms used. The use of Instagram and different social messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, was linked higher life satisfaction while Facebook and Twitter use did not show any significant association; notably, Internet forum use showed a negative association with life satisfaction.


Internet, life satisfaction Finland, social media platforms

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