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Volume 27, Number 7 - 4 July 2022
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This month: July 2022
At the onset of an infodemic: 2020 research on problematic COVID-19 information
This paper analyzes the literature on problematic COVID-19 information published at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. It explores how scientific research has addressed this issue from a disciplinary, methodological, and substantive perspective in different world regions. Three hundred seventy-eight articles were analyzed using content analysis and computational methods, including social network analysis and text mining. The study revealed a multidisciplinary field characterized by substantial contributions from medicine and social sciences and with a certain degree of interdisciplinarity and international collaborations.
Also this month
Government communication and online engagement during “the summer of Zika”: Examining content and social media metrics of posts addressing the Aedes aegypti mosquito
Over the last few years, health communication has become central in an environment characterized by disinformation and a pandemic. This paper investigates how official institutions have used social media to communicate about health issues and the effects of government-sponsored content on online engagement. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, content analysis and social media metrics were used to study posts by the Brazilian Ministry of Health addressing the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Publications recurrently adopted a preventive approach. However, posts focused on addressing diseases were those leading to higher user engagement. The data also indicated that emphasizing attributes favorable to government officials negatively affected user engagement, reducing the effectiveness and reach of the Ministry’s messages.