Journal of Biocommunication Showcase
Cynthia Turner, MA, CMI, FAMI
AMI's 2019
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Cynthia Turner

This JBC Showcase features the award winning medical illustration of Cynthia Turner. Cynthia was the recipient of the Association of Medical Illustrators' 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Her award was presented at the Awards Ceremony during the AMI's 2019 annual meeting held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The AMI Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor awarded by the Association of Medical Illustrators, and is awarded to an individual who has dedicated his or her professional life as a medical illustrator. In doing so, this individual has engaged with fellow illustrators, not only to support the ideals of the profession, but also to ensure that it thrives, progresses, and advances the Association. The award acknowledges her "extraordinary lifelong contributions to the advancements of medical illustration and scientific knowledge setting the highest standards of our profession and serving as an inspiration to others in the field."

Cynthia established her studio in 1984, with husband and partner medical illustrator Edmond Alexander. Being a business partner is not unlike a marriage. It takes cooperation, shared values and goals. It requires delight in one another's growth and achievements, and support for one another's setbacks. Cynthia and Edmond feel blessed to have successfully shared their business for so many years.

Alexander & Turner studio creates original images for the pharmaceutical, biomedical technology markets, synthesizing complex information into accurate visual science with clarity and visual impact. Collaborating with researchers, authors, innovators, inventors, and creative directors at healthcare agencies and corporate departments, Cynthia helps visualize new advances and understandings to help bring biomedical advances to light.

Some of her significant projects include the global campaign for Xeljanz, Pfizer; Graphic General Health Warning (GHW) labels for FDA, for US tobacco products; global campaign for Merck Visionary Science in Immuno-Oncology, showcasing immune-oncology visionary scientists' molecular thought bubbles; global campaign for Alexion Pharmaceuticals, aHUS illustrations; Artist-in-Residence, Varian Surgical Sciences, Take a Closer Look series of limited edition prints and exhibition graphics depicting stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung, prostate, breast, liver and brain cancer; Amgen and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc., global campaign depicting x-ray illustrations of psoriatic arthritis for Enbrel®; selected by Amgen and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to create compassionate portraits of patients afflicted with psoriatic arthritis for Enbrel®; global campaign for Invanz™ Merck depicting microbes on balloons for antimicrobial spectrum, also used on a hot air balloon; Artist-in-Residence for Ciba-Geigy to produce an on-site poster size illustration of Lopressor's™ beta-blocker mode-of-action at the 42nd Annual International Scientific Meeting of the American Heart Association, later distributed as a limited edition print; selected by Johnson & Johnson to create unique digital edition prints for selected worldwide recipients commemorating the research, development and implementation of the Palmaz Coronary Stent; selected by Johnson & Johnson to create a limited edition print for selected recipients celebrating research, development and implementation of the Hemopump Artificial Heart.

She and her partner were profiled in "A History of Illustration," by Susan Doyle, Rhode Island School of Design, Fairchild Books, 2018. Her work has garnered numerous industry recognitions, including the AMI Salon, The Rx Club, A' Design International Awards, Summit Creative International Awards, Creativity International Design Awards, Aesculapius Award and the International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. Her work had been the subject of solo and joint exhibitions, including "The Medical Art of Cynthia Turner," Johnson & Johnson Corporate Traveling Exhibit at World Headquarters, The Ethicon Endosurgical Institute and J&J Interventional Systems; "The Art of Medicine," Society of Illustrators, New York, New York; "Dream Anatomy, Anatomical Revisioning," National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland; University of de Andres Bello Art Gallery, Santiago, Chile; ASCB2 Molecular Art Exhibition," American Society for Cell Biology, New Orleans, Louisiana; "Contemporary Illustration: At Your Service," Adams Gallery, The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts; and "Illustrated Gallery Exhibition," One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY.

Artist and author Brad Holland commented, "Cynthia has a true artist's dedication to her craft, to the values that underwrite craft and to the ideals that transcend it. Her career is a model of artistry and idealism, self-reliance and hard work, imagination and common sense." Cynthia has given multiple presentations on Authors' Rights, Secondary Licensing and Copyright; the Visual Nature of Color; and the Business and Art of Medical Illustration, presented at Annual AMI meetings, Seaside Seminar Regional Meetings, and as invited speaker to biomedical visualization graduate schools. She served on Salon Judging, Accreditation, Continuing Education, Professional Exhibits, Sourcebook Editorial Board, and Artists Rights Committees. In 2014 Cynthia received the distinguished recognition of the Brödel Award for Excellence in Education, "for outstanding educational contributions to the profession of medical illustration" from her respected colleagues.

As an advocate, Cynthia served as a Founding Member and Board Member, Illustrators' Partnership of America (IPA), 2000 – 2013 and as a Founder and Co-Chair, of the American Society of Illustrators Partnership (ASIP), 2007 – Present. She has worked to preserve the integrity of copyright for visual artists, and to found a copyright society to protect the secondary rights of illustrators across all genres and specialties. Working with Brad Holland, she represented the interests of American and international illustrators at The American Assembly, on Capitol Hill, at the US Copyright Office, before the Small Business Administration, before the Federal Trade Commission, and at the annual general meetings of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations.

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Photograph by Joseph Victor Stefanchik

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