Journal of Biocommunication Showcase
2020 BioImages Visual Media Competition

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BioImages is the BioCommunications Association's annual visual media competition intended to showcase the finest still photography, graphics, and motion media work in the life sciences and medicine.

Entries for BCA's 2020 Salon were evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges based on the work's intent, execution, design, and overall impact. This year the judges selected 98 images and motion media for the BioImages 2020 Salon from a total of 185 entries. The BioImages Salon represents 17 categories in three divisions.

To view the still image enlargements with their accompanying award name, title of the work, author names, and institution, please click on any image within the grid to begin the slide show. Use your mouse or left and right arrow keys (or mouse) to advance to the next image.

To view the videos, select one of the still video images within the image grid.


The images and media featured in this JBC Gallery are fully copyrighted by the individual photographer, illustrator, or their institution.

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Heartworm Life Cycle Palm Weevil - 3 Views
Rock Scoliosis
Proton Power DNA Damage and Repair
The Heart of the Problem Front Craniotomy Procedure to Remove a Meningioma Brain Tumor
Common Nettle Fallopian Tube
Umbrella Palm Land of the Long White Cloud
Treeferns and Mountain Ash Bushfire Aftermath
UCL Pharmacy Students in 3D Printing Lab Tunicate
Green Potato Bugs Pulex irritans, Male
Cortical Mitochondria PC3 Tumor Infiltrationg into Bone
Agua Nueva Agate Shark Vertebra
The Loopy Genome Persistence of Change
Seeing the World Caring Canine Calendar
Amazingly Awesome Animals Africa Weirdly Wonderful Wildlife Australia
Cellulearn Ants and Aphids