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Long time member, Steve Harrison (a BCA Louis Schmidt Laureate and recipient of AMI's Lifetime Achievement Award) once wrote that an organization needs six things in order to enhance its professionalism. Those things include: 1) an annual meeting, 2) elected leadership, 3) close ties to universities offering coursework leading to degrees in our areas of interest, 4) an affiliated non-profit foundation, 5) a certification program or process, and 6) a professional journal. We agree with Steve's vision. Our Journal Management Board, advisors, and editors are proud to support the interests of the dedicated people working in our profession. It is our hope that through the Journal we can continue to serve the public good.

25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP

Thomas St. John Merrill offers his column, "25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP," as a look back at some of the legacy technology, photographic techniques, and equipment from 25 years ago. Thomas reviews JBP Volume 65, Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 from 1997.


The cover image for JBP Volume 65, Numbers 1 and 2, featured a composite image of four common food groups created by Rob Way of the Food Science and Technology Department of Cornell University. This issue also included an article by Lewis E. Parrish from Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC. Lewis presented a detailed instructional paper, "Facial Anomalies and Corrective Techniques for Frequently Seen Asymmetries in Portraiture." This paper illustrated lighting techniques used to produce pleasing portraits of people, who may have slightly imperfect features.

JBP Volume 65, Number 3 featured a close-up cover image of a poinsettia leaf by Norm Barker. The issue also included "Digital Imaging on a Kodak Photo CD," by Jerry R. Arnold, from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD. The article provided detailed insight into the Kodak Photo CD, a compact disc-based storage system. Leon J. Le Beau contributed his thoughts about professionalism in "The Biological Photographic Association and Professionalism Revisited."

Volume 65, Number 4 was a Cumulative Index including published content from 1932-1997. It listed all the published papers from the Journal of the Biological Photographic Association, Volumes 1-47 (years 1932 to 1978) and the Journal of Biological Photography, Volumes 48-65, (years 1979 to 1997). That was a grand total of 1,849 papers.


Thank you, Thomas, for continuing to help our professions move forward by better understanding some of our past.

Research PostersEvelyn Lockhart, and co-authors Michael Corrin, Paula James, Ric Lowe, and Jodie Jenkinson present the Vesalius Trust Research Poster, "Animating Primary Hemostasis for Medical Student Education." This poster was submitted as part of AMI's 2020 Virtual Conference. The poster suggests that many clinicians may have difficulty recognizing and diagnosing disorders of primary hemostasis. The project's goal was to create a didactic animation about primary hemostasis for medical students to be used in North American medical schools.


We also feature the research poster, "Hepatitis C and Your Transplant," submitted by authors Roxanne Ziman, Nikki Marks, Michael Corrin, and Jodie Jenkinson. The project's goal was to develop a 2D-animated educational video to help educate organ transplant candidates and their caregivers about organ donation from hepatitis C-positive donors. This new protocol at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) included an animation designed to augment the informed consent process. This poster was also submitted as part of AMI's 2020 Virtual Conference.



Featured Article

Authors David Teplica, Daniel Schuleman, and Vanston Masri present "Highly Standardized Rotational Photography of the Torso." The information in this article was presented by Dr. Teplica in his Maria Ikenberg Lindberg Keynote Address at the 79th BioComm annual meeting in Park City, Utah.


This article is the first to present a rigidly standardized rotational protocol to photographically record human anatomy and permit subsequent analysis with less than 2% image variance.

JBC ShowcaseOur JBC Showcase features the amazing photographic imagery of Danielle Edwards, the 2020 Louis Schmidt Award recipient. The Louis Schmidt Award is the highest award presented by the BCA. It is named in honor of BCA's second President. It is awarded annually for "outstanding contributions to the progress of biological communications."


Danielle's amazing photographic imagery includes many natural science subjects, as well as some stunning digital infrared photographs of outdoor scenes. Danielle has been a member of the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration (AIMBI) since the beginning of her professional career. Over this time, she has held many positions within AIMBI and is currently Vice President, as well as the Chair of the Registration & Education Board.



JBC Galleries

We include two JBC Galleries in this issue. The first Gallery features the professional category winners of AMI's 2020 Annual Meeting Salon exhibition. A second Gallery includes the winners of BCA's 2020 BioImages exhibition.

We hope that you enjoy revisiting these online exhibitions and celebrating these award winners.



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