Journal of Biocommunication Showcase
The Imaginative Work of Craig Gosling

A JBC Memorial Showcase
Craig Gosling

This JBC Memorial Showcase features the award-winning medical and zoological illustrations by AMI member Craig Gosling, who passed away on July 11, 2021.

Craig was born August 16, 1936, and was raised in the Bronx, NYC. In 1950, his parents enrolled him in the McBurney Preparatory School for Boys in Manhattan. Upon graduation, he was accepted at Hunter College, one of the free tuition colleges available to high school graduates in NYC at that time. At Hunter, Craig majored in zoology and art, and he excelled in varsity soccer and track and field. He was selected as the 1959 Hunter College Outstanding Athlete of the Year. He still holds Hunter College season and meet scoring records in track and field.

Upon graduation from Hunter, Craig worked briefly for Paul Peck, a renowned medical illustrator located in Manhattan. Mr. Peck introduced him to the profession of medical illustration, and Craig made becoming a medical illustrator his goal. While employed with Paul Peck, Craig often cut airbrush masking friskets, and he added highlights and other finishing touches to Paul's illustrations.

The Vietnam War and lack of tuition funds delayed his plans for graduate school. In 1959, Craig enlisted in the U.S. Army for three years and signed up for medical corpsman and operating room technician training. He received invaluable training in surgical procedures and anatomy, which helped him in his future profession of medical illustration.

After being discharged from the Army in 1962, he was accepted at the University of Illinois School of Medical Illustration in Chicago. Upon graduation in 1965, Craig was offered a job as medical illustrator at the Indiana University School of Medicine located in Indianapolis. The small, antiquated Department of Medical Illustration and Photography was in dire need of updating. Over the next 36 years, until his retirement in 2001, Craig modernized and expanded the department.

In addition to creating thousands of medical illustrations for IU medical and surgical faculty, Craig was a pioneer in the development and creation of 3D teaching models and numerous patient simulators. His work was so innovative that many of his designs were purchased by anatomical model companies, serving as prototypes for their new models. Craig also worked on a contract basis for the Indianapolis Zoo, where he provided illustrations, models, and exhibit design.

Craig was extremely active in the Association of Medical Illustrators. He was an AMI Past President and served on the Board of Governors. He received the AMI Lifetime Achievement Award, the AMI Outstanding Service Award, the Ranice W. Crosby Distinguished Achievement Award, and the Max Brödel Award for Excellence in Education. He mentored many students, and on many occasions, would bring these students into his department as employees or as interns. Many of these students later graduated from accredited programs of Medical Illustration, and have become leaders in our profession. Craig will be missed by his family, his many friends, and our entire AMI family.

Unless noted otherwise, all illustrations and images featured in this JBC Showcase are copyrighted by the estate of Craig Gosling, the Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana University School of Medicine, or the University of Illinois Chicago.

© All rights reserved

Koala Bear - Line Art Illustration Anatomy of the Bat Wing Cancer Cells
Hip Joint - Line Art Illustration Orangutan Face Seal Pup - Line Art Illustration
Closure with Purse String Suture - Line Art Illustration (part of a series) Tiger - Line Art Illustration Putting a Kidney 'On Ice' - Line Art Illustration
Pigmentation of Alligator Eyes Newborn - Line Art Illustration Chimpanzee - Line Art Illustration
Kodiak Grizzly Bear - Line Art Illustration Variations of Alligator Hatchlings Adolescent Elk - Line Art Illustration
Mother Eagle - Line Art Illustration Magdalena River Turtle - 3D Model Ming Lee - Line Art Illustration
African Elephant - Line Art Illustration External Fertilization of Frog Eggs Distal Biceps Tendon Reattachment - Line Art Illustration
Thoracic Surgery - One in a Series Hairy Monkey - Line Art Illustration Walrus Pair - Line Art Illustration
Gorilla - Line Art Illustration Reconstruction of Rectum (one in a series), Line Art Illustration Gorilla Hand - 3D Model
Koalas - Line Art Illustration Sea Turtle Blood Pressure Cuff (Patient Education - Line Art Illustration
Walrus with Tusks - Line Art Illustration Octipus Eating a Lobster - Line Art Illustration Gorilla Hand - 3D Model
Great Vessels of the Heart Portrait - Line Art Illustration Deficiencies in Surgical Masks - Line Art Illustartion
Nephrologist's View of the Criculatory System Rice Treatmment for Sports Injuries Depression - Patient Education Graphic
Selection of Prosthetic Hip Implant - Patient Education Graphic Using Lasers in Surgery Journal Reading Time
Snow Scene Watercolor Size Comparison of Whales (Mural) Florida Sea Wall Illustrations
Dolphins Painted on Florida Sea Wall For the Love of Animals - Saturday Evening Post Article Contents of the Abdomen - Peck/Gosling Illustration
Andreas Vesalius Bust Max Brödel Bust Sir William Osler Bust
Roy the Animal Boy - by Craig Gosling Knee Ligament Simulator - 3D Clinical Training Model Hand Casts