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Our Journal was first published in June of 1974. (Figure 1) The first Management Board members were David Raney (Chair), Laurel Schaubert, Ernest Beck, and Jay Raeben. The Managing Editors at that time were Paul Perles and Thomas Banks. We've enjoyed a long publishing legacy that now has spanned forty-eight years.


JBC Cover

Figure 1: First cover of the Journal of Biocommunication, June 1974



Our current issue, JBC 46-1, represents our first issue of the 2022 publishing year. I would like to thank our current Management Board, our editors, our advisors, and our authors for their important contributions. We all are still challenged by COVID-19, but we look forward to the eventual end of the pandemic and the return to normalcy.


Our Open Journal Systems (OJS) management system continues to serve us well, providing rich online features for our users. Authors are able to submit content online, and then track their article's progress throughout the review and editing processes. For those authors wanting to submit an article to the JBC, please visit:


We also appreciate the on-going support from our JBC community and readers from around the world. In particular, we acknowledge the support of the Association of Medical Illustrators and the BioCommunications Association. It's a privilege to be the professional academic journal of these two amazing organizations.


The Management Board wishes to thank our Managing Editor, April Ingram, and our Business Manager, Carol Gray, for their continued assistance and expertise with our Journal.


I personally want to thank Ms. Janet Swatscheno, who has been our JBC liaison at the University of Illinois Chicago Library for a number of years. She has provided much-needed advice and assistance through the years, as I navigated the intricacies of the OJS. Janet has recently taken another position, and the entire Board wishes her the best.


25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP

Thomas St. John Merrill offers his column, "25 Years Ago in the JBPA/JBP," as a look back at some of the legacy technologies, photographic techniques, and equipment from 25 years ago.


Thank you, Thomas, for continuing to help our professions move forward by better understanding some of our past.

Research PosterEmilyn Frohn, Leah Lebowicz, Rex Twedt, and Christine Young present the Vesalius Trust research poster, "Transforming Confocal Microscopy Imaging Data of Retinal Vasculature into 3D Animation." This poster was submitted as part of AMI's 2021 Virtual Conference. This research study presents a methodology for the creation of 3D models from confocal microscopy, specifically the retinal trilaminar capillary network, that can be used in 3D biomedical animation. The authors note that understanding the interactions of the retinal neurovascular unit through visualization may be a key to advancing the understanding of the normal function of the retina, as well as diabetic retinopathy pathology.



Featured Articles

The Journal of Biocommunication continues its series of legacy articles authored by the late Dr. Richard Byrne. We include his articles, "Computershock," "The New Work," "Business as Usual," and "Learning to Learn." While these articles were written a number of years ago, they still offer insight into how we all experience new technology in our professional (and personal) lives.

JBC ShowcaseOur Journal of Biocommunication Showcase features the amazing photographic imagery of BCA Emeritus Member, Bob Turner. Retired for more than eleven years, Bob has maintained a passion for traveling to various locations, whether that be a local, national, or an international destination. Bob's travels have been extensive in his pursuit of imaging wildlife and unusual scenic environs. The scope of wildlife species included in this Showcase are as diverse as are the elegant landscapes and waterscapes that Bob has exquisitely captured. The Showcase includes 98 of Bob's favorite natural science and wildlife images. You're sure to enjoy Bob's work.


JBC Gallery

Our JBC 46-1 Gallery includes the award winners of BCA's 2021 BioImages exhibition. We hope that you enjoy this extensive photographic and motion media exhibition from last year's annual event.




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We rely on our readers for feedback about the Journal, and we invite you to share your thoughts with us about any of our columns and articles. We always appreciate your suggestions for improvement. We also encourage you to submit manuscripts for publication.


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Gary Schnitz currently serves as JBC Management Board Chair and Editor-in-Chief. He is a Past President of the Association of Medical Illustrators and a Past Chair of the AMI Board Governors. He is a recipient of AMI's Lifetime Achievement Award, AMI's Outstanding Service Award, and is a Past President of the Vesalius Trust. He is a board certified medical illustrator living in Carmel, Indiana. Gary has served on the Journal Management Board since 1993.



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