Autopsy Brain Removal Training Using Virtual Reality Simulation

  • Insil Choi Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Hospital autopsy is important for diagnosing neurodegenerative disease in deceased patients. Despite its importance, training autopsy brain removal is challenging for autopsy assistants due to lack of availability of real specimens, initial hesitation to perform the procedure because of proximity to the face, and limited teaching tools. To address these deficits, a virtual reality (VR) simulation was created to teach proper methods to perform the steps of the procedure. This simulation features real-time visual feedback of user performance during the step of opening the cranium with an oscillating saw in order to assist in skill improvement. It also provides an immersive VR interactive experience using realistic virtual patient models, sound effects, and haptic responses.

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Choi, I. (2019). Autopsy Brain Removal Training Using Virtual Reality Simulation. Journal of Biocommunication, 43(2).
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