Highly Standardized Rotational Photography of the Torso

  • David Teplica
  • Daniel Schuleman
  • Vanston Masri


Over the last several decades, medical imaging technologies have proven so anatomically insightful that they have all but taken over management in many clinical situations. MRI, CT, and PET scanning technologies employ stringently controlled rotational data-harvest protocols. By contrast, standardization of visible-light imaging of human anatomy has lagged dramatically. This article is the first to present a rigidly standardized rotational protocol to photographically record human surface anatomy and permit subsequent analysis with less than 2% image variance.

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Teplica, D., Schuleman, D., & Masri, V. (2020). Highly Standardized Rotational Photography of the Torso. Journal of Biocommunication, 44(2). https://doi.org/10.5210/jbc.v44i2.11101