Natural Science Showcase


  • Bob Turner


This JBC Showcase is a bountiful offering of natural science images captured by BCA Emeritus Member, Bob Turner. Retired now for better than eleven years, Bob has maintained a passion for traveling to various locations, regardless of whether it's local, national, or an international destination in pursuit of imaging wildlife species and unusual scenic environs. The scope of wildlife species, primarily birds and mammals, are diverse, as are the medley of elegant landscapes and waterscapes.

In addition to the pleasure Bob derives from going "on-the-hunt" capturing elusive images, he takes great satisfaction in sharing the images. Numerous photos have been donated to nature organizations' newsletters or birding web sites to help illustrate species identity. And he enjoys posting images on social media for public viewing. Additionally, Bob has presented numerous papers and short talks at BCA's BIOCOMM meetings about his imaging making during Show-Us-Your-Stuff, BCA's popular image sharing session.

Each image in this Showcase of wildlife species is identified with both its common and scientific name. The general location of all images, including scenic destinations, are documented as well. All images were captured using a variety of conventional digital imaging methods, or digiscoping techniques.




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