Publisher's Comments


  • Sam Bond
  • Kelly Cloninger



Welcome to the Journal of Biocommunication, the professional journal of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) and the BioCommunications Association (BCA). This JBC, issue 47-1, represents our first issue of the 2023 publishing year. We would like to thank our Management Board, our editors, our advisors, and our authors for their contributions to the success of our Journal.

Our JBC Showcase features a memorial tribute to medical illustrator and educator, Steven Joseph Harrison. Steve was inducted as a Louis Schmidt Laureate in 2009 by the BCA, and he was a recipient of the AMI's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

Our JBC Gallery features the award-winning images and media from the BCA's 2022 BioImages exhibition.

We appreciate the ongoing support from our JBC community around the world. In particular, we acknowledge the support of the AMI and the BCA. It's a privilege to be chosen as the professional academic journal of these two organizations.




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