Detection of Some Lyssaviruses from Fruigivorous and Insectivorous Bats in Nigeria

Grace S. Kia, Ivan I. Kuzmin, Jarlath U. Umoh, Jacob K. Kwaga, Haruna M. Kazeem, Modupe O. Osinubi, Charles E. Rupprecht


We report the first evidence of Shimoni bat virus (SHBV) and the detection of Lagos bat virus (LBV)and Mokola virus (MOKV) in bats from Nigeria. In total, 356 bats representing 7 genera and 8 species, collected in 8 locations of northern Nigeria. None of the 356 bat brains screened by direct fluorescent antibody (DFAT) test were positive for <i>lyssavirus</i> antigens. Of the 76 sera screened by modified rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test (RFFIT) 24 (31.6%) had  neutralizing activity; 22(29.0%) neutralized LBV, 6(7.9%) neutralized MOKV and 18(23.7%) neutralized SHBV). Lyssaviruses may be circulating in bats or other wild animals in Nigeria.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *