Implementation of a Syndromic Surveillance Pilot Program in Selected Cattle Markets in Texas, USA

Judy E. Akkina, Leah Estberg, Gary Ross, Cynthia Johnson, Marta Remmenga, Randy Munger, Andy Schwartz


Syndromic surveillance of livestock animals at points of concentration, such as livestock markets, has the potential to provide early detection of endemic, zoonotic, transboundary, environmental, and newly emerging animal diseases and to identify animal health trends. We describe the design and implementation of a syndromic surveillance program in selected cattle markets in Texas, USA. The project successfully demonstrated the feasibility of having trained livestock inspectors document the number of cattle observed and the number displaying clinical signs/syndromes. Weekly analysis of the syndrome data provided useful information on animal health trends.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *