An effective tool to manage the distribution of medicines and monitor the treatment in hospital pharmacies

Gianpaolo Franzoso


Introduction The purpose of the article is to share a modus operandi and a tool that allows the recruitment and management of thousands of patients and their treatment by using a simple software created by the author and made freely available  to all colleague-pharmacists. The author, a  pharmacist, created this database because there were no tools on the market with all the features needed to manage the treatment of patients and the orders of drugs to ensure continuity of care without waste of public money. Methods The data collection is facilitated by the software and allows the monitoring of treatment of the patients and their re-evaluation. This tool can create a table containing all the information needed to predict the demand for drugs, the timing of therapies and of the treatment plans. It is an effective instrument to calibrate the optimal purchase of drugs and the delivery of therapies to patients. Conclusions A simple tool that allows the management of many patients,  reduces research time  and facilitates the control of therapies. It allows us to optimize inventory and minimize the stock of drugs. It allows the pharmacist to focus attention on the clinical management of the patient by helping him to follow therapy and respond to his needs.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *