Influenza Surveillance in Mozambique: Results and Challenges from the First Year of Implementation

Almiro R. Tivane, Noorbebi Adamo, Neuza Nguenha, Sadia A. Ali, Edma D. Dimbane, Diocreciano M. Bero, Jorfélia J. Chilaúle, Gabriela D. Pinto, Tufaria Mussa


An approriate approach is needed for Mozambique reality to maintain the appropriate surveillance of influenza and other respiratory virus. Such approaches include the appropriate hospital staff (commitment and understanding), flow within the system, cost-effectiveness, case definitions and selection of the sentinel sites. The approach used at the start of the influenza surveillance yield to low income of samples, but more flu positive cases detected, with other challenges related to staff commitment, awarness and others. A second approach was adopted and specimens income increased, but the flu positivity was low and some other challenges remains to be find out and overcome.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *