Those Led-Lit Water-Kooled Multi-Screen Streamline Battlestations

  • Martin Gibbs The University of Melbourne
  • Marcus Carter The University Sydney
  • Bjorn Nansen The University of Melbourne
Keywords: battlestations, gaming, material culture


Battlestations are customized desktop computers, typically devoted to gaming. In this paper we present analysis of the all-time top 50 up-voted battlestations on the /r/battlestations subreddit. Through an examination of these highly commended battlestations and the community criteria defining a “good” battlestation we provide insights into the material culture of computer customization and its significance within internet gaming sub-cultures.
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Gibbs, M., Carter, M., & Nansen, B. (2017). Those Led-Lit Water-Kooled Multi-Screen Streamline Battlestations. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research.
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