• Pauline Sameshima Lakehead University, Canada
  • Rebecca Katz McGill University
  • Shaheen Shariff McGill University
  • Christopher Dietzel McGill University
Keywords: sexual violence, technology-facilitated sexual violence, education, epistolary, post-qualitative, iMPACTS, arts integrated research, educational policy, multi-sector partnership


The three panel presenters and session chair are co-researchers in a seven-year research partnership—involving 28 educational institutions, 25 co-investigators,15 community partners, and 50+ students—that aims to address sexual violence in physical and virtual forms in university contexts across Canada and internationally. The project specifically seeks to address, dismantle and prevent sexual violence by means of multi-sector partnership solutions across the fields of education, law, policy, arts, popular culture, health care, management, news and social media. Using the methodological framework of Parallaxic Praxis (Sameshima et al., 2019), the team looks at a phenomenon from different perspectives by using varied methodological processes as well as a range of rigorous methods of encoding, decoding, and rendering data; and establishing post-qualitative possibilities for generating and mobilizing knowledge to broader audiences. The juxtaposition of renderings (constructions made from deep analysis of the phenomena such as papers, presentations, artworks, and other artefacts), when presented together, manufacture a dynamic agency between works capturing intertextualities, aporias, choruses, and a poesis that arise in the coalescence of the unassimilated, individual investigations. In this panel, an overview of the larger project and the significant milestones in the first four years specifically related to internet technologies will be provided. Drawing from multi-perspectives, the second presenter will address image-based sexual abuse and copyright in Canada, and the third will share data collected from this project in the form of excerpts from an epistolary novel. The session demonstrates how multi-modal investigations and dissemination offer possibilities for extending knowledge production.

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Sameshima, P., Katz, R., Shariff, S., & Dietzel, C. (2020). NOVEL, EDUCATIONAL AND LEGAL RESPONSES TO TECHNOLOGY-FACILITATED SEXUAL VIOLENCE. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research, 2020.